About Us

Sailing the vast oceans of news, entertainment and information to bring you content that is honest, human and engaging; that’s our principle. At least, one among many.

We want to to reach and connect with a myriad of audience interests, one piece of post at a time. The brainchild of a few friends who realised that they would like to open a conduit for genuine and trustworthy news and information articles for a global audience. They didn’t simply want to share informative pieces, they wanted people to respond and engage.

We never really aimed to create a separate platform for readable, likeable and shareable material. We just thought that since we were avid readers, we wanted to share a lot of the stuff that we used to read beyond the point of simply sharing it to a group of listed friends on our social media.

We thought; this is something really fascinating. Who else would think so?

And lo and behold and witness our creation; Thinkwatt.