Freelance writer for ThinkWatt


  • Come up with and write articles and posts for ThinkWatt which will be read by hundreds of thousands of people.
  • Possess an advanced appreciation for beauty in all its forms.
  • Commit yourself to achieving perfection in your work, every single day.
  • Express your ideas in an interesting and articulate way.

Employment conditions:

  • You’ve been following ThinkWatt for at least a month and really enjoy reading our material.
  • You’re intelligent, kind, and value creativity. You love life and want to make your own positive contribution to it. You don’t want to talk about politics, you prefer to keep your beliefs private, and you promise not to write about horoscopes or fortune-telling.
  • You can work from a distance.
  • You’re prepared to negotiate pay on the basis of your individual test results.

Recruitment task:

  • Come up with 5 article/post ideas which would be highly successful on Bright Side and contribute to our mission.
  • Each idea should contain a number of features, each one contributing to the creation of a perfect post/article overall.
  • Each idea should be downright brilliant — something that will get millions of views, a ton of likes, and thousands of positive comments. We’re looking for something that people won’t just think is cool, but will leave them grinning from ear to ear and give them goosebumps.
  • Send your 5 ideas to us at along with some information about yourself.