Final Fantasy XV Review – The Fantasy Isn’t Over Yet

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Probably one of the most awaited games in the gaming industry this year is Final Fantasy XV. And it looks like it delivered what it promised to do. The latest title to the Final Fantasy franchise introduces a new combat system, as well as a vast new world. And while does have its flaws, the game is worth every dollar you spent on it.

Longtime fans of the series don’t need to worry about the changes Final Fantasy XV brings to the franchise. It still plays just like any other Final Fantasy game, except for its combat system. It still has chocobos, crystals, Phoenix Downs, summons, good soundtrack, and lots of references to the old FF games.

Final Fantasy XV Story

In the game, you play as Noctis, the heir to the throne of the kingdom. He was on his way to meet his betrothed with his three friends when their car broke down. And then they learned that their country was invaded. And then the boy band led by Noctis had to fight off monsters and other enemies.

Noctis’ epic journey with his close friends feels real and deep. You want them to reach their goal and find ways to do so as quickly as possible. And because it is open world right from the start, you might find yourself being distracted by side quests and monsters. However, the world becomes narrower as you continue playing the game.

Combat System

Final Fantasy XV scrapped the old turn-based combat system to a real time combat mode. However, you only get to control one character at a time. You can only give limited commands to others. However, you can’t spam special abilities because they still have cool downs.

You can choose from various melee weapons if you are playing as Noctis. The goal of defeating enemies in the game is to be at the right place, the right time. And you can achieve this through Noctis’ teleporting warp power.

There’s no need to grind through random battles in order to level up your skills. Instead, you take on side quests that will send you exploring every corner of the open world. Side quests reward you with new gear, abilities, and cash.


And when it comes to the visual aspect, Final Fantasy XV is well designed. While there are some spots with low-quality textures, the quality of the art and the size of the world make up for the flaws in the art department.

Final Fantasy XV delivers the emotions, gaming experience, and satisfaction you get playing game from the franchise. You get memorable characters, great visuals, and a killer soundtrack. It is definitely a game for both long-time fans of the franchise and gamers new to the series.



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