What Will Happen to the Drivers When Uber and Lyft Use Self-Driving Cars?

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Feature Image: MP_P. Shutterstock.

So the news is out. After Google spreading word of its self-driving cars, the Finnish capital of Helsinki aims to carry people on automated buses. Named The Easymile EZ-10, these electric mini-buses that are capable of carrying 12 people will traverse the streets of Hernasaari District for a trial period of a month. Car manufacturing giants Ford have also decided to adopt the automated technology to deliver driverless cars for ride-sharing by 2021.

But before Ford can enter the autonoous vehicle arena, Uber and Lyft are both planning to introduce self-driving cars for the roads. While this sounds like an interesting prospect, it does ask the question; what will Uber and Lyft drivers do next? Part of the success of Uber also lies in the fact that numerous drivers have turned their rides into personal businesses.

The idea of giving attention to other tasks while leaving the act of driving to the car could perhaps improve our comfort, but for those people who rely on ride-sharing services to earn extra bucks, would this deprive them of that?



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