This LED Device Adds Colour To Living Spaces and Objects

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Living Room. Behind your television. Under the skateboard.

Using LED lights, you can add splashes of colourful lights in a lot of creative ways with this ingenious device.

Source: XK GLOW. “XKchrome: Play with Light Like Never Before”.

Seems like you do not have to wait long before a cool or innovative concept is introduced into the market. From a device that apparently turns almost any solid surface into a remote controller to the new Lenovo C+ smartphone that can bend itself to fit around your wrist, there is always something out there to hold our attention, even for a brief moment.

“Human visual attention is for an important part bottom-up driven by the saliency of image details. An image detail appears salient when one or more of its low-level features (e.g., size, shape, luminance, color, texture,binocular disparity, or motion) differs significantly from its variation in the background.”

That is an excerpt from a research paper from the University of Barcelona on the saliency (or the pop-up effect) of colour. That piece of content says how much colours affect visual stimulus and and attention. Which is probably why web developers often pay particular attention the aesthetics of a website they create.

You might have also heard about popular research conducted into the psychology of room colour and how they affect our moods, especially about how the red tone induces hunger and improves appetite.

Colour me plenty

So, when colours play such an essential role on our moods, we wonder if there is a tool that can allow us to customise the lighting across the spectrum of hue. It looks like there is. XKchrome allows you to turn indoor spaces and objects into fun platforms for LED lights. Plus, it even uses a smartphone to control its colour functions. Here’s the one feature that allows this product to truly stand out; the extent of its capabilities depends on your creativity. You could use in on your grand piano and give a flashy performance or add it on the undercarriage of your car, it is totally up to you.

If you are interested in contributing towards their kickstarter campaign, you can do so by clicking here.

Here’s a demo video that shows how it works in detail.

Source: xkglow. “XKchrome app full function demo video”. YouTube. Published on Oct 9, 2015.



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