How SpaceX is planning to Increase Wi-Fi Speeds

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It’s official. The world has completely gone online. This may not be a new concept to most people in the world as there are some who have never had the joy of holding a piece of technology in their hands let alone the actual chance to use the internet. Some do not even know what the word internet mean. However, for those who understand the wonderful marvels that they get due to the existence of this technology, they can understand why living without it is not possible. The internet has progressed a lot over the past couple of years in the world as people can download up to 6MBs in a second, however, SpaceX have other plans that will blow your mind away.

Imagine having internet speeds that will allow you to download 10GBs in a second it sounds unreal, but that is exactly what SpaceX are planning. This will be made possible if their plans of launching over 4000 satellites on to the orbit of the earth so as to boost internet connection all over the world. This is a really great project that once approved; people from all walks of life will have the chance to have very fast Wi-Fi such that you will be able to download 1GB worth of content in just a second.

These plans will start with optimizing internet connection in the USA by launching about 800 satellites into space. These satellites will be the size of a small car and weigh just about the same. It has not been officially communicated when SpaceX will officially start implementing the program which is approximated to cost about 10 million dollars.

The difference between the satellites that SpaceX are intending to launch and the existing ones is that the new ones will be launched on the lower orbit, meaning that there will be low latency hence increasing speed. Low latency means that data packets will travel shorter distances which results in faster internet connection with very few lags. The basic speed per satellite will be about 27mbps, but the company has said that this will continue improving as more satellites are deployed into space.

SpaceX has already attracted funding of 1 billion dollars from Google as these improvements will impact positively in the company’s overall performance. As much as the deployment dates have not been announced, SpaceX has expressed the intention of making it very soon, so that the development may be tested on the USA first before any more progress is made.

The move by the company to improve internet speeds all over the world is very much welcome as this will assist in the spread of technology even to the most remote areas.




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