Details about Battlefield 1’s Maps and Modes Released

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With Battlefield 1’s release date fast approaching, DICE and EA have finally revealed the maps and modes that will be included in the game. Nine maps will be available on release and a tenth, Giant’s Shadow, will be added to the game for free in December. Many players got a chance to try out Sinai Desert during the open beta, but the new maps vary widely in terms of structure and style.

Ballroom Blitz unfolds not in the trenches but in an abandoned French Chateau behind rear lines. Argonne Forest is a green maze of bunkers and machine guns nests, a shadowy infantry-focused map perfect for brutal melee combat. Fao Fortress stands in the way of the Al-Faw Peninsula, and players must navigate marshlands and coves before finally storming the fortress itself. Suez will have them joining the fight on the banks of the grand canal, pushing through enemy defenses to the outskirts of Kantara and the deep desert beyond. St Quentin Scar is a blackened bombed landscape across which the Germans will throw everything they have at the British line.

Players will fight in the streets of Amiens as the squares and alleys crumble under the combined presence of British and German forces. Monte Grappa will have players fighting one of the final battles of the Great War high in the Venetian Alps, where those manning the fort cannons will attempt to hold back those coming up from below. Once a stunning stretch of Adriatic coast, Empire’s Edge has been transformed into a rugged landscape beaten by dreadnoughts and waves in equal measure. The aforementioned Giant’s Shadow is that of a crashed airship, in which tank and infantry will engage on open ground, hoping for an armoured train to come and save the day.

In terms of modes there is the usual Battlefield fare such as Conquest and Rush. New modes such as Operations and War Pigeons are also being introduced however. Operations will follow not one battle but a series of battles that mirror actual events from the First World War. DICE have said that you will be able to win on a map, proceed to the next map and actually see the map you previously fought on in the distance. War Pigeons will have both sides attempt to locate a pigeon coop on the battlefield and carry it to a safe location. Once there, they can can send a call for artillery support and launch a barrage on the opposing team.

The return of game mode favourites on such fresh and exciting maps will likely push those on the fence after the beta to buy it. We certainly will be.



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