Bamboo Treehouse Becomes One With Nature

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Looking for zen? Well, you might want to plan your trip to this hotel created by Penda, a team of creatives based in Beijing. This treehouse is devoid of any nails, screws, bricks and other materials you typically find in any regular hotel building. In fact, Yoga practitioners might just call this their chakra heaven.

The hotel is designed using mostly ropes and rods of bamboo. Yes, your brain might be scrambling to discover structural deficiencies that you might want to point out, but there is an entire design plan to make this project successful.

The treehouse, named One With the Birds, was designed by the creative team for the AIM Legend of the Tent competition in China who aimed to encourage designers to design low-impact eco-hotels so that guests may be able to interact with nature. It has even managed to land the second place in the 2016 A’Design Awards and it isn’t really difficult to wonder why.


Check out this video to learn more about this insane design.

Source: chris precht. “One with the birds by penda”. vimeo. Published on July 9, 2014.

And below, you will some many of their design ideas.









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