Category: Science

Here Is How Liquid Works In Space

Gravity allows us to enjoy a lot of things (apart from keeping us tethered to our beautiful planet of course). We can drink coffee really well which is something that astronauts find it difficult to do. Here’s why. Source: NASA….

The Origin of Fireworks

Who doesn’t love the sight (and sounds) of fireworks. Of course, if it was me, I would be avoiding the auditory reception. Not that I am scared of fireworks or anything (I am!). But how are fireworks related to weapons…

The Nature of Creativity

Those darn writer’s blocks! And the plethora of other unwelcome blocks that creep up on us while we are deeply involved in our tasks, trying to nail the next big idea. How can one understand creativity and guide it? Here’s…

Bubbles and Antibubbles

Nope, they aren’t exotic matter that can decimate a entire block when they come in contact with ordinary matter. Ordinarily, a bubble is air or a sphere of gas surrounded by a thin layer of water. Antibubbles, as the name suggests,…