10 Historical Facts Which Turned Out To Be False

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Here are some of the most famous facts history has got it all wrong.

1. The Three Wise Men – Popular belief has got us believing that there were three wise men in the Bible, which took gifts to Christ during his conception. This is actually false, well not the gift part, however, the number of wise men. Nowhere in the Bible does it say there were three wise men.

2. Einstein failed Math – We are made to believe that the world’s greatest scientist sucked at math; however, this is not true. He only failed an entrance exam – not the general subject of math. He was pretty skilled in mathematics as a matter of fact.

3. Man vs. Dinosaur – If you thought that man and dinosaurs coexisted, and then you are greatly mistaken. 64 million the numbers of years, which separate the dinosaur age and the human era quite remarkable if you, ask me.

4. Vikings – This one will have you feeling stupid about yourself. If you thought that Vikings’ helmets included a set of horns, think again. This helmet design was a costume design from an Opera back in the 19th Century. Unbelievable right, well, you better believe it – its facts.

5. The Vomitorium – History suggests that that the vomitorium was a room used for Bacchanalian binges by the Romans. This is, in fact, a not true. The Vomitorium was the name of a stadium entrance.

6. Red and Bulls – I bet you grew up believing that bulls hate the red color. Well, if you still believe this until today, you are mistaken. Actual facts have revealed that Bulls are color-blind, Meaning that they only see the matador’s cloth as a provocation, rather than a red cloth.

7. Bagpipes – This will come as a shock to our Scottish friends, however, the origin of the bagpipes was not Scotland, as history makes us believe. They were in fact in existence in the Middle East way before coming to Western Europe.

8. SOS – If you thought SOS stands for ‘Save Our Ship,’ then my friend, you are very much mistaken. SOS was and is used because it is easy to transmit Morse code – three dots, three hyphens, three dots.

9. The Forbidden Fruit in The Garden of Eden – The fact of the matter is that the forbidden fruit was not an apple, as we are made to believe. Nowhere in the book of Genesis does it mention the fruit was an apple.

10. The Egyptian Pyramids –According to history, slaves built the pyramids, however, according to extensive research by Egyptologists, such a construction was appointed to qualified, distinguished laborers. Evidence can be obtained in the sites of the pyramids.



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